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Journal of Addiction Research

Official urges int'l community to help curb poppy cultivation in Afghanistan

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 The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that there is no international will to reduce the cultivation and production of narcotics in Afghanistan.

"When we look at the developments in the region, we see that there is no international determination to reduce the cultivation and production of opium in Afghanistan as the source of many transnational organized crime and this situation shows that the good future is not waiting for the region," said Deputy Director of Iran Drug Control Headquarters Nasser Aslani in charge of countering supplies and international affairs, in a meeting with a Georgian delegation.

Aslani added that according to recent UN reports, opium production in Afghanistan has been estimated to exceed 10,000 ton which is very concerning for the international community, especially for the neighboring countries of Afghanistan.”

 The official went on to say that in 2001, poppy cultivation in Afghanistan was in an area of over 7,606 hectares, but in 2018 it reached 263,000 hectares, an increase of 3,457 percent.

Aslani went on to say that the production of drugs in Afghanistan was about 200 tons in 2001, but in 2018, "we saw production of 6,500 tons, rising both in the field of cultivation and in the area of narcotics production, not only for Iran and Afghanistan’s neighbors, but also for the whole world, have created a concern.”

Tehran, June 3, IRNA,2019