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Journal of Addiction Research

There is still a long way ahead for the realization of The Paris Pact Initiative goal

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First Deputy Secretary General of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Drug Control Headquarters, Moayyedi, addressing the 13th Policy Consultative Group Meeting of The Paris Pact Initiative hold in Vienna International center on February 1-2, 2017 stressed that "despite international efforts, the UNODC Afghanistan Opium Survey 2016 indicates an approximately 43 percent rise in average production compared to the previous year and higher crop productivity and the slowing down of the process of destroying drug cultivation have been named as the reasons behind the said increase in average production. Such an escalating trend has further activated the northern, maritime and Balkan routes. The money laundering trend is growing from the view of its volume and expansion at the regional level. The most important point to consider is the measures taken by extremists and organized crime elements in misusing the current situation in order to carry out terrorist actions and perpetrate international crimes. Hence, if one considers drug control efforts in Afghanistan as the ultimate goal pursued by the Paris Pact it can be said for sure that there is still a long way ahead for the realization of the said goal".

He added that "The Islamic Republic of Iran’s law enforcement forces conducted 2,325 operations (mostly intelligence-based operations) in 2016 that led to the dismantling of 2,713 drug trafficking rings and 181 drug-manufacturing workshops, the capturing of 987 rifles as well as the seizure of 681,576 kilos of different types of drugs which indicates a 9 percent increase compared to 2015. Eight members of the law enforcement agencies were martyred in the course of the said operations".

In conclusion, Mr. moayyedi, presented a number of recommendations to the meeting ad following:

1- The transit states must be supported through technical assistance and effective plans have to be formulated based on the principle of shared responsibility to empower those countries and grounds must be paved for their rapid implementation;

2- Creating mechanisms for intelligence exchange in relation with the activities of drug trafficking rings, the diversion of chemical precursors and psychotropic substances aimed at boosting the operational capabilities of countries along the route. Fortunately, certain mechanisms such as JPC have been envisaged within the Paris Pact;

3- Necessity for transfer of knowledge from countries of destination to transit states as well as countries of origin in the field of primary prevention and demand reduction particularly teaching skills in the fields of harms reduction, treatment, rehabilitation and social reintegration of addicts;

4- Even though the countries along the route have fallen victim to the unhealthy economy influenced by the drug trade they do not have much information concerning the flow of drug-related money into accredited global banks that are based in advanced countries. There is also the need for finding a solution in order to tackle this problem.

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