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In your opinion what is the most important approach to combating drugs?

Treatment - 25%
Opposition - 16.7%
Legal - 25%
Prevention - 33.3%

Total votes: 12
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The 1st National Conference for Discourse on Protection and community-based drug control With The NGOs action & implementation approach

It is appointed that the National Conference on preservation and discourses on socialization of drugs control is held on 3 and 4December of this year with the presence of CEOs of large number of NGOs, social activists and senior managers responsible and executive agencies, in the auditorium summit Islamic Countriesin order to present valuable achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of social participation and the fight against drugs.

Main goals:
1. The development of social functions of NGOs in the field of drug and psychedelicdemand reduction
2. Increasing the role of the different people agencies and institutions, including NGOs, reference groups, scholars, experts and social activists in various fields and psychedelic and drug demand reduction
3.Preparation and discourses of and popular culture making to mobilize the people in order to reduce the demand for narcotics and psychedelic drugs

The main focuses of the conference:
1. The Studying of the academic foundations in being social and the role of NGOs
2. Social needs and necessities of community participation attraction
3. The social status and role of NGOs in defining of programs the fight against drugs
4. The empowerment of the social function of NGOs in the field of addiction
5. Attraction of the community participation and the role of donors in the field of addiction
6. The role of trade unions and industry in the field of preservation and strengthening of social support
7. Highlighting the role of elites, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes and reference groups on social preservation
8. Support of addiction survivors and affected families

Place and time of holding of the conference:
According to predictions, 3 and 4 December is intended as the time and the Hall of summit of Islamic countries is intended as the venue of the conference.

Address and contact number of secretariat of the conference:
Tehran Enghelab Ave., South Kargar Alley, Shahid Mehdi Zadeh, No. 19, Telefax




World Drug Day on 26 June

Drug Control In IRAN

Friday, 29 May 2020