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Rouhani: Iran keen on comprehensive economic relations with India

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Tehran, May 23, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that Iran is keen on comprehensive economic relations with India.

President Rouhani said that the Islamic Republic of Iran regards relations with the Indian emerging economy of special significance.
He said many Persian words are in Indian language as the Indian people favor to learn Persian language and literature.
He said that Iran is willing to develop relations with India and that the prime minister's visit to Iran would serve to found new bases for the goal.

'Today, in the wake of lifting the sanctions, the situation is ready for all-out expansion of relations between Iran and India. We should work in best possible manner.'

Noting that expansion of banking relations and cooperation between Iran and India is of high significance, President Rouhani said Iran and India can benefit from capacity of the Asian Clearing Union (ACU).

Chabahar Port can serve as hub of north-south transit and the center for multilateral cooperation in the region, said the Iranian chief executive, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes investment by Indian firms in Chabahar port and also contribution to setting up railway from Chabahar to Zahedan, which will be connected later to Mashhad.

President Rouhani said that there is possibility for cooperation between Iran and India in the aluminum, steel and petrochemical industries in Chabahar region.

'Iran and India share many opportunities for economic cooperation and they can use them to the benefit of themselves and of the regional states, as well.'

He also referred to opportunities of the two sides for cooperation in various sectors, including cooperation in the biotechnological, nanotechnology, IT, and space domains. He added that Iranian Science and Technology Parks are ready to provide Indian firms with suitable atmospheres to conduct research and common scientific and research projects.

The Iranian president then referred to contribution of foreign companies to investment in the Iranian common gas fields and said India can also hold talks for investment and contribution to common gas fields, including Farzad B gas field.

The President said that the Islamic Republic of Iran wants to go beyond commercial form of foreign relations with India and widen the scope to the comprehensive economic relations. 'Joint investments in the past were limited and they should expand.'

He said Iran's exports to India should be diversified through planning and efforts of officials and the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to have a share in investment in diversified grounds in India, including setting up refineries.

He also underlined the need for using mineral capacity in Iran and India and exploiting the mines to be used in steel and aluminum industries in Chabahar.

Noting that railway development is one of the important projects the 11th government follows, President Rouhani said connection of Chabahar railway to Zahedan and from there to Mashhad and railway network of the country will facilitate transfer of goods from Chabahar to the Central Asian states.

In laying the track, Iran and India can launch joint investment and have good cooperation, added the Iranian president.
President Rouhani also said developing Chabahar port and railway of the region, Iran and India can benefit from technology and investment of other Asian and European countries.

Saying that Iran is located in centerpiece of 400 million market and a big market in India, President Rouhani stressed expansion of cooperation and investment in production and export of various products.

Referring to the importance of constant monetary and financial relations as exigency of promotion of relations and giant economic moves taken by Iran and India, President Rouhani said Iranian banks are ready to expand relations with major Indian banks on bilateral level and at the international financial system.

Highlighting significance of scientific, cultural and academic relations between Iran and India, President Rouhani said efforts should be made to facilitate more ties between Iranian and Indian students, professors and experts and set up Persian and Indian language courses in their universities.

The president also called for Iran-India ties in tourism and culture and said, 'Iran and India enjoy cultural affinities and they can have tigher cooperation, thus promoting Islam, which believes in peaceful co-existence.'

The President emphasized the need to develop regional cooperation with India to help restore peace, stability and security in the region.
President Rouhani said the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes settlement of international disputes by regional states through diplomatic channels and bolstering peace and stability in the region.

Saying that terrorism and extremism are problems facing entire regional states, President Rouhani said those are harmful for all of them.
He urged more cooperation and regular consultations to help restore peace and stability in the region, campaign against terrorism, narcotic drug-trafficking and organized crimes in such regional countries as Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

He said the 11th government is serious to contribute to all important projects with India favoring their people.

Modi for his part thanked Iran for its hospitality, calling for all-out expansion of bilateral relations.

He said Indian companies, being interested in industrial investment in Chabahar, can cooperate with Iranian partners in technology, IT and nano-technology with involvement of Iranian young experts and technicians.

He underlined expansion of tourism and said future of Chabahar is linked with tourism and it can be a good prelude to mutual cooperation in tourism.

He called for Iran-India cooperation on space technology.

He said Iran-India economic relations are not well balanced and mutual investment should made so that after elimination of sanctions they will double in five years.

He said that a conference will be held in India to define true Islam minus terrorism and said India is ready for cooperation with Iran to promote and introduce the genuine Islam and campaign against terrorism.

IRNA:  23/05/2016 | 

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