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Drug Control In 2016

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Iran, Ukraine to fight narcotic drugs, money laundering

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Tehran, April 21, IRNA- Iran and Ukraine will launch joint campaign against illegal drugs and money laundering.

Speaking on the sidelines of the first UN General Assembly special session to address global drug on Wednesday, Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli referred to the fact that confiscating and seizing about 40% of world narcotic drugs, Iran ranked first in the world in detecting drugs.

The MoU between Iran and Ukraine to fight illegal drugs, the main point of which was investigated previously, was finalized by Rahmani Fazli and Head of Ukraine Drug Enforcement Agency.

The agreement envisions cooperation in different fields like fighting against the narcotic and hallucination drugs, treating addicted people, scaling down the damage incurred by addiction, holding training courses, exchanging information and experience and fighting against money laundering and smugglers.

Both countries' officials agreed on commencing cooperation to produce medicine for drug addiction treatment.

Meanwhile, Rahmani Fazli and his Singaporean counterpart agreed on forming a joint expert-level committee to study ways and means of cooperation for the purpose and compiling a related MoU.

The Special Session of the General Assembly UNGASS 2016 is underway from April 19-21.


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