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Journal of Addiction Research

Interior Min.: Anti-drug efforts should intensify

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Tehran, April 4, IRNA – Interior Minister Abdulreza Rahmani Fazli said that efforts to fight illicit drugs should intensify more than before.

He made the remarks in a meeting of Drug Control Headquarters employees, directors and consultants here on Monday .

Rahmani Fazli said that the fight is not restricted solely by Iran or countries neighboring Afghanistan, but it is a global issue and all governments should commit themselves to fight drug prodcution and trafficking.

Fortunately, there was no security incident in past Iranian calendar year (1394) and all conspiracies and terrorist acts were neutralized by intelligence and police officials.

He underlined using successful experiences in the fields of treatment, prevention and confrontation, popular participation in the fight against narcotics, equipping eastern provinces with modern devices for discovering different types of narcotics and training efficient manpower in this concern.

The interior minister said 'In the past year (1394) we witnessed important developments and in international and regional arena Iran could get rid of sanctions.'

'Since Iran's nuclear dossier was sent to the UN Security Council six resolutions had been approved against Iran and the Zionist regime under the pretext that Iran was close to building atomic bombs, labled Iran as a threat to world peace but all resolutions were finally terminated.'

Rahmani Fazli said that Iran is a stable country in the region, while many of regional countries are facing insecurity and plenty of difficulties in this concern.

Last year, Iran played a very positive role in regional developments and could help countries which were under pressure from terrorists and also played an important role in establishing a regional balance and in the fight against terrorism, violence and drug trafficking.


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