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In your opinion what is the most important approach to combating drugs?

Treatment - 25%
Opposition - 16.7%
Legal - 25%
Prevention - 33.3%

Total votes: 12
The voting for this poll has ended on: 25 Jun 2016 - 15:29

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Drug Control In 2017

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About DCHQ

Established based on the article 33 of the 1988 drug law approved by the Expediency Council (EC), the Drug Control Headquarters (DCHQ) is the Iranian national focal point in charge of coordination of all efforts by the various agencies involved in the fight against production, distribution and trafficking of the illicit drugs.

DCHQ is headed by the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

The president appoints the secretary-general of the DCHQ to run the Iranian focal point that is responsible for coordinating the drug control activities. In each province there is a Drug Control Council representing DCHQ. DCHQ makes policies on drug control using its high expertise and through a well-organized computerized system and announces its policies and guidelines to all relevant ministries and agencies for implementation. Recently, President HssanRouhanihas appointed AbdorezaRahmaniFazlias his advisor and new DCHQ Secretary-General. He is also the Interior Minister of the country.

DCHQ has focused on policies to curb the drug influx into the Iranian territory for years. At the same time, special attention is paid to drug abuse prevention, treatment of addicts and their rehabilitation in a way that a balance is stroke between Drug Demand Reduction and Drug Supply Control.

National Conference

World Drug Day on 26 June

Main Activities 2013-2014

Official Website of The President


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